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Welcome to Healthy Balance 3

Holistic Coaching Focusing on Nutrition, Mind & Soul Health

Healthy Balance 3 Outcomes


  • Understand what your body requires to perform optimally

  • Identify habits that will help you live the healthy lifestyle you desire

  • Identify deeper cultural gifts that support overall health and wellness

Your personalized healthy lifestyle planning is based on over a decade of in-clinic experience and supported by a spiritual approach inspired by indigenous wisdom.

 Together we’ll create goals that will become healthy habits to guide your personal wellness journey.

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Innovative Programs

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Sustainable Change

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Ongoing Support

Your Benefits

Give yourself a health and wellness reset -- 

a “mind-shift,” connecting three essentials: 

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Getting Back to Our Roots Using Ancestral Wisdom & Science, Guided by a Registered Dietitian and Mindfulness Expert 


It's time to get a better understanding of food and what your body needs to thrive. Let's build an intuitive connection between your culture and nutrition. 

Our holistic health and wellness coaching blends evidence-based science with ancient cross-cultural wisdom to create a lifestyle of well-being and vitality.

The Deeper Meaning  

Your relationships with food and well-being. 

When there is awareness of this relationship, you can better align actions with health goals.


Achieving health goals leads to long-lasting healthy rituals for yourself and your loved ones. Create a healthy routine not only for yourself, but those you love.


What our clients say

I really appreciate you Melinda. You do not pretend to know it all and your information seems to be unbiased and sensible. I’m glad to have someone like you in my corner on this path to wellness. 

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