Holistic health and wellness coaching at Healthy Balance 3 blends evidence-based science and ancient cross-cultural wisdom to create a lifestyle of well-being.

Gain a better understanding with your relationship with food and what your body needs to thrive, and create connections between your cultural history and current health and wellness behaviors. 



I got my AIC results,  I am now a 5.7.  A long way from 15.5 in November of last year. I know I have work to do, but I’m very grateful and hope to continue improving.


Overall, I feel good about my process. I am making healthier choices, staying active; going to the gym and walking more. I’m starting to feel stronger and healthier. Finally, I am starting to feel optimistic about my health. 


One thing I learned during my program with Melinda is that I can manage my blood sugar with the right information, tools, and support.  I  appreciate Melinda for her consistent encouragement and check ins.


At the beginning of my pregnancy I had an A1C of 12 now my A1C is 5.9!


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