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Highlights from 10/20/2018 Empowerment Luncheon Talk

My understanding of Plant-Based Life:

Eating habits that emphasize plant-based foods while minimizing animal products and processed items.


Benefits of a Plant-Based Life:

Increase in energy due to increase in vitamin and minerals found in plants


Plant-Based Life Lowers the Risk of:

Heart Disease

Arthritis Pain



More effective at lowering blood sugars, and LDLs more than any other “diet”


Considerations when switching to plant-based:

When transitioning to a plant-based diet from an animal-based diet, keep in mind to eat foods that will allow for adequate intake of


Calcium: Green Leafy veggies (Kale, Spinach). 

Fortified Soy and nut milks

Black-eyed peas

Reputable Supplements

B12: seaweed, Fortified sources such as nutrition yeast, soy milk, and cereals

Vitamin D: Sunlight (fair skin 10min at a time, dark skin <20min at a time)

Iron: Beans, dark leafy veggies, cooking in cast iron skillet

Zinc: whole grains, legumes


Start gradually into a plant-based lifestyle to avoid nutrient deficiencies.


Portion sizes:

Amounts appropriate for individuals who get less than 30 minutes per day of moderate physical activities.

Those who are more physically active may be able to consume more.  


Palm size of a protein

Fist size of whole grain carbohydrates


1.5- 2 cups of fruit

Eat a variety of colorful choices. Fruit intake varies from age and activity level.

Click HERE for a specific recommendation for your age and lifestyle.


2-3 cups of veggies  

Eat a variety of colorful choices. Veggie intake varies from age and activity level.

Click HERE for a specific recommendation for your age and lifestyle.



Mindful Eating Techniques:

Create a pleasant mealtime environment

Avoid eating a meal while in transit (in a car, on a bus, walking)

Turn off the TV

Choose pleasant, uplifting music or silence

Clear the dinner table

Avoid paper or styrofoam plates and utensils

Before eating, take a breathe

Consider the source of your food (where it came from, who prepared the food etc.)

Give thanks for the food before you

Close eyes to connect with the taste

Check in to feel how the food feels in our body (heavy, energizing, creates bloating, indigestions etc)

Eat a meal with mint or ginger tea


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